Group Classes

Group classes are great for those that wish to train their dog themselves in a group environment, under the guidance of a trainer.  You will come to class once a week, each class runs about an hour and will then be given written instruction on exercises to work on at home.  Classes are progressive, each week we add on to what we learned the week before.  Dogs learn best by spaced repetition therefore, I always advise that you do your homework approximately 20 to 30 minutes a day to get the best results and ensure your dog is ready for the following week.

***Aggressive or severely reactive dogs must be evaluated before coming into the group environment.  If your dog lunges/barks in an intense manner on walks or at the vet they are probably not a candidate for group. If your not sure please contact me. If you bring your dog to group and I feel they are not appropriate  for the  class I will dismiss you and transfer your funds towards your choice of either a private package or a private consult.  Group classes are not conducive for severely reactive dogs, they can not learn in a group environment. ***

Prepayment is required to hold your spot. Payments can be made by either using the PayPal link after submitting the registration form or by mailing a check to 6192 US Highway 34, Oswego, IL 60543.

Puppy Preschool

Upcoming Sessions Start Dates –

January 2020  – Mon 1/6 @ 6pm (FULL)

February – Mon 2/3 @ 6pm

March – Mon 3/2 @ 6pm

4 weeks-$75

Age Requirement

5-6 Months and Under

Please bring your puppy on a collar and leash of your choice along with some tiny treats.

Puppy Preschool will cover basic commands using shaping and luring techniques, a few fun tricks (including tunnel work), socialization/puppy playtime and discuss potty training strategies.  In addition, we will be going over techniques to ensure good manners, common courtesy and a loving and respectful relationship with their owner.  Teaching your puppy “no” is important but can be a struggle when traditional ignoring and redirection techniques limit your communication with them.  We will cover a variety of techniques and protocols to optimize communication.

Dog Kindergarten

Upcoming Session Start Dates –

January 2020 – Mon 1/6 @ 7:30pm (FULL) 

January 2020 – Mon 1/6 @ 10am

February 2020 – Tues 2/4 @ 6pm (FULL)

March – Mon 3/2 @ 7:30pm

6 weeks-$150

Age Requirements

4-5 Months and Up

Equipment used

  • 6 foot leash
  • 15 foot leash
  • training collar (slip collar, choke chain, pinch collar)
  • No retractable leashes please.

This class covers all of the basic commands.  Sit, down, come, stay, stand for exam, heel and how to walk nicely on leash.  Many of the dogs that come through this class know some or all of the basics however, they pick and choose when they are going to respond.  For example, they know sit when it’s just you and them hanging out in the kitchen… but they won’t do it when your guests are trying to come in the front door.  They know come… unless there is a bird or squirrel around.  This class teaches the basic commands and how to get your dog to be reliable in a distracting situation.  In addition, we will cover behavioral problems like barking, jumping, anxiety, fear and high adrenaline and arousal issues.

Doggy College

Upcoming Session Start Dates –

Tues 2/4 @ 7:30pm

6 weeks – $150


Must have completed Doggy Kindergarten

Equipment used

  • 6-foot leash
  • 30 foot leash
  • training collar
  • No retractable leashes please.

College class is for those who desire off leash control. We will be increasing the intensity of the distractions, increasing our distance on stay and come as well as transitioning off leash. Some of the more challenging exercises, including the Stand for Exam and Finish will be covered.  Graduation will be held on the last night of class.

Novice Class

Upcoming Session Start Dates –

10 weeks – $200


Completion of Doggy College

Equipment used

  • 6 foot leash
  • light line
  • No retractable leashes please.

This course perfects the off leash control we were working on in College. Many new tips and tricks will be taught to polish previous work. This is a great class for those of you interested in taking your dog to obedience competitions, or for those of you that just enjoy working with your dogs and/or are ready to do some fine tuning. High jump and retrieval work will be introduced.

Boot Camp

Upcoming Sessions –

Monthly – $15/mo


Completion of Doggy Kindergarten

Boot Camp is a monthly drop in class.  This is a great way to keep up on and/or refresh your skills in the group environment.

Sonya, with our first baby due this Spring, it was very important that Molly have some type of reliable training. We had taken other classes and they were fun but she really didn't learn anything. Unless I had a treat with me she wouldn't listen. I was a little worried about using a training collar but it made all the difference in the world. Now I know when the baby comes how to handle her if she starts doing things that are not appropriate.

– Jenny Gordon